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Scalp Brush Anti-Dandruff Head Massager

Scalp Brush Anti-Dandruff Head Massager

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Scalp Brush Anti-Dandruff Head Massager

A daily spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Used by professionals in the beauty and hair industry to massage the scalp, promote blood circulation, and wash away stress.

An excellent way to cleanse the scalp in the shower using warm water and your favorite paraben free and sulfate free shampoo.

As an anti-dandruff tool, use on your scalp dry, before shampooing, move hair and dry scrub in sections from front to back and left to right to loosen dandruff flakes and promote healing.

Use in the shower on wet, soapy scalp to eliminate pesky dandruff, rinse thoroughly.

Silicone teeth provide a flexible brush that is safe for daily use.

Soft silicone material won't damage skin. 


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