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Ice Queen Elsa Gown for Girls

Ice Queen Elsa Gown for Girls

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Ice Queen Elsa Gown 

The Ahtohallan holds all the answers to the past.

Step into your power with the Ice Queen Gown.

These gowns are a dress-up ESSENTIAL item. Look for a larger size and your little Queen can enjoy this gown for dress-up and costume fun for years. 

Pair with a dazzling tiara and fabulous play shoes from MyLittlePineapple!

Elsa Coronation Day

  • A long-sleeve ice blue gown with elegant black filigree designs.
  • Satiny pink cloak fit for a queen.

Elsa "Show Yourself"

  • A long-sleeve gown with white and icy blue.
  • The flowing gown includes a sparkling skirt cover of sheer blue. 

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